Some of Our Music 

Still Giving It Our Best

Meyer & McGuire

This is our latest CD. It is available on streaming platforms and was released on September 18, 2022. That is when we celebrated 40 years of being together and 30 years of creating music.

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Some Other Ways to Listen

The songs are all available for streaming and downloading at Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and most other popular streaming and download sites. In addition, the CDs from FRANK MEYER and MEYER & MCGUIRE  are also available from some of those sites  (Of course, you can always buy CDs from us) :

The First CD - 1993 - FRANK MEYER - Home Town

The First CD from Meyer & McGuire - 1998 - Caught in the Middle 

The Second CD from Meyer & McGuire - 2008 - The Road Less Traveled 

 The MOST RECENT CD from Meyer & McGuire - 2022 - STILL GIVING IT OUR BEST 



We'll be adding more music as time permits.  Stay tuned.  At least stay tuned up!