From the recording Caught in the Middle


Verse 1
When I was a young man just out of school
I was cautious and careful, and followed the rules
Searched for a good job, looked for a wife
Wanted a family, the so-called "good life"
But as I went down each one of these roads
For me, these things became too heavy a load
And the doubts that developed way deep down in me
Soon ended when a good friend said, "Set yourself free!"

Shake the dust off your sandals when you start every day
Don't worry about scandals that may come your way
Shake the dust off your sandals, just continue the grind
And fend off the vandals who play with your mind

Verse 2
So I travelled through my life with this advice
Some days were awful, and some, they were nice
Sometimes I lost, and sometimes I won
Some days were work while others were fun
Some folks were mean; some, they were kind
Some, they had vision while the others were blind
Some were imprisoned; some, they were free
The free ones had listened to what my good friend told me

Instrumental Break

Verse 3
Now, as an old man, nearly eighty or so
I've started to place all my ducks in a row
Reflection has shown me that through the years
I've enjoyed some smiles, and I've coped with some tears
And I'm thankful that through life I took a stand
My soul did not submit to those in command
And I'm grateful for the guidance that my good friend gave me
I've listened to my heart, and it's kept me free

Chorus (Two Times)

©1998 Frank Meyer