From the recording Home Town


Verse 1
I met him in New York one night in an upstate town
He was shootin' pool; he was knockin' those beers down
Heard me playin' my guitar and singin' my songs
He clapped his hands and stamped his feet and stayed the whole night long

Bruce Weaver led the hard life of a truck drivin' man
He drove all kinds of trucks all across this land
He was one of the toughest men that you ever saw
He was kind of big and burly and sometimes he broke the law


Verse 2
While on a break I met this man and he bought me a beer
I told him I taught English; he said, "That's one thing I fear."
"I didn't do good in school", he said, "Please forgive me."
I said, "Bruce, if I drove your truck, it'd be some sight to see."


Verse 3
Before I went back to my songs, he shook my hand and said,
"You keep plantin' your ideas in those kids' heads.
"'Cause if they see that everyone has a part to play,
"This ol' world'll get along in a better way."


©1993 Frank Meyer