From the recording Caught in the Middle


But we're still tricklin' to the top
We're gonna bop until we drop
There's no sign that we will ever stop
And though at times we come unglued, and sometimes we feel so blue
We'll still keep on singing songs for you

Verse 1
The other night we played a gig in a local country bar
The owner liked the vocals and guitar
He said, "I got a deal for you.
If I could make a change or two
I'm sure I could make you national stars.
Although your sound is great,
There are changes you must make.
You need synthesizers and a drum machine."
We looked at him and said, "No way!
We're happy with the way we play."
We thanked him, and we quickly split the scene

Instrumental Break

Verse 2
Of the many jobs we've had, in our memory one has stayed
And there's a good chance it will never fade
We remember it so well
It's called the gig that came from hell
And it is one that we would easily trade
It was a little local show
In a downtown gazebo
It was summer, and the breeze was soft and warm
But the power was not on
The park director, he was gone
Then nature chimed in with a thunderstorm

Instrumental Break

Verse 3
Quite often when we play, a patron comes along
And asks if he can join us in a song
If it's someone we don't know
We politely just say, "No."
'Cause we know all about what can go wrong
A guy grabbed our mike one night
He started Hank's, "I Saw the Light"
It was awful 'cause he couldn't sing on key
Then things went from bad to worse
He was drunk and began to curse
And right then we knew we were history


©1998 Frank Meyer