From the recording The Road Less Traveled


Verse 1
Cruisin’ through the village
In a rusty pickup truck
Scratchin’ off them tickets
Hopin’ for a little luck
Dom, he was the first to see
Wayne’s million dollar win
The good old boys went crazy
The whole town could hear the din

Wayne’s luck was short-lived
By something we all dread
Cancer’d come to visit him
And soon he would be dead
But the money gave him one last shot
To keep his death at bay
He could get some treatments
That would prolong his days

Wayne’s light of hope was snuffed out
Everyone was stunned
The lottery refused
To pay him off in one lump sum
Disbelief was widespread
Something was not right
They had heard the governor
Say just the other night

You know, it’s not about the money
That is the truth
We do it ‘cause it’s just the
Right thing to do.

Verse 2
News of Wayne’s misfortune
Spread quickly through the state
On the radios and TV shows
He was the topic of debate
Politicians all said
They’d do what they could do
But like most politicians
Well, they never quite came through

So the story quickly faded
Wayne’s life came to an end
The lottery officials
Were on the road again
Generating money
So they could help us all
And the governor gave his famous speech
In all the local halls

Instrumental Break

Verse 3
On the day that Wayne died
His widow got the news
The country bar that he once owned
Could no longer sell booze
‘Cause Wayne’s wife was a felon
The state shut the business down
They wouldn’t give her time to sell
To the buyers she had found

So now the bar sits empty
It’s quiet there at night
There are no folks on the front porch
With cigarettes to light
Music is no longer heard
When you pass by in your car
No one hears the governor’s voice
On the TV in the bar.


©2008 Frank Meyer