1. D.E.A.D.

From the recording Caught in the Middle


Verse 1
Somewhere in the Midwest, in the land with all the lakes
There's a man who's come to see the hearts of many break
To end the pain, he's found a game with a straight and a simple theme
He calls it D.E.A.D., and it means drugs end all dreams.

And I wonder if somewhere someone will play his game tonight
And I wonder if that someone will come to see the light
'Cause as I walk these empty streets as the day becomes twilight
The news I heard today confirms this game of his is right.

Verse 2
Terry was a track star; he won nearly every race
Everybody in our town thought for sure he would go some place
Graduated high school, he signed up with the Corp
He got engaged before he left; who could ask for more.

He came home from boot camp to see his family and friends
Little did we know, he would not do this again
One night he went fishing with his friends down on Black Creek
Too many beers, he fell off the pier; they didn't find him for a week.


Verse 3
Artie was a hero, a small town local star
Lettered three sports, top of the class, we knew that he'd go far
After high school and college, he went on to med school
But life was so cruel, for it took the tools of the kid who played by rules.

As I remember it was spring on a balmy breezy night
Artie and his bride-to-be shared an evening of delight
Singing songs at a stop light, they were headed for downtown
When a drunk from a bar broadsided the car, and paralyzed Art from the neck down.


Verse 4
Karey was a student in my tenth grade class
A cute kid with a quick wit, she picked things up real fast
Did her homework, passed the tests, she always got good grades
The day that she walked out my door, I knew she had it made.

Then came Christmas, it was in her senior year
A little party, nothing fancy, shots of whiskey chased by beer
Laughing, dancing, havin' fun, feelin' wild and free
The report read that she was dead, the car wrapped around a tree.

Repeat Verse 1

©1998 Frank Meyer