From the recording Home Town


Verse 1
Sittin’ in the classroom, Bill stares at Kim
Wonderin’ if she would go out with him
“She likes someone else. How could she like me?”
Bill’s head won’t let his heart check and see.

So, come on, take a chance
Take a shot at romance
You might be first, you might be last
Don’t sit on the sidelines, the game goes by so fast.


Verse 2
There in the lunchroom three tables away
Kim’s with her friends as she glances Bill’s way
“He likes someone else. How could he like me?”
With him at the dance is where she’d like to be.


Not tryin’ and losin’, well, they both bring you pain
But when you lose, you’ve got something to gain
Losin’ sets you free, it lets you move on again
Not tryin’ merely leaves you wonderin’ what might have been.


Verse 3
The dance rolls around and Kim is sittin at home
Talkin’ with her best friend on the telephone
“He likes someone else. How could he like me?”
Bill roams the streets wishin’ he wasn’t free.


©1993 Frank Meyer