From the recording The Road Less Traveled


I go out on the weekends to play my guitar
You see I’m driven to play all these small country bars
And I know that you know that I won’t go far
‘Cause I’m so content to be your local star

Verse 1
Well, it brings me great pleasure when I hear you sing
It confirms a truth, hey, money don’t mean a thing
And when this bar fills up with your harmony
We all become one with my melody


Verse 2
The smiles on your faces, well, it makes it so clear
Why the old boy up there he done sent me down here
He said, “Hey, buddy, for you I got one simple goal
Go out there on the weekends and ignite their souls.”

Instrumental Break

Verse 3
The handshakes and the kisses and the hugs mean so much
Ain’t it funny how our stress disappears when we touch
And of all the things in life that I’ve learned to do
The best one of all is to share songs with you

Repeat Last Line

©2007 Frank Meyer