From the recording The Road Less Traveled


Verse 1
Well, the count's three and two
The burden's on you
The whole team's hoping and praying that you will come through
Here comes the ball
You swing for the wall
The last thing that you hear is that umpire's call

No matter how hard you try
...No matter how hard you try
To reach for the sky
...To reach for the sky
Keep in mind the best laid plans, they often go awry
Just let it go
...Just let it go
Just let it flow
...Just let it flow
And let the high times carry you through the times you are low

Verse 2
Hey, the boss is impressed
You do your best
He always tells you you exceed the rest
Comes time for a raise
You hear all the praise
But you never hear one thing about an increase in pay


Verse 3
Hey, she gives you a smile
You talk for awhile
You think that this one just might be your style
You go on a date
Things work out great
‘Til her husband's rig pulls in off that interstate

Instrumental Break
Repeat Verse 1


©2007 Frank Meyer