From the recording Home Town


Verse 1
You see the circle’s come around again; soon you’ll all be gone
I’ll be in this empty room just sittin’ all alone
Thinkin’ ‘bout the good times and the times that made me blue
Wonderin’ if I passed the test and did my best for you.

Verse 2
You know so much of what we do here is defined by F’s and A’s
If it were left up to me, well, I’d throw them all away
‘Cause all I ever find is what you can and cannot do
Much of what is lost is just the simple truth of you.

Verse 3
You see I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t put much stock in things
Happiness and love for you are all I have to bring
And I don’t know the answers, but I do know that I care
The simple things I’ve come to know are all that I can share.

Verse 4
So, when you’re strugglin’ out there, you just listen to your soul
If you listen carefully, well, then, you will reach your goals
‘Cause all the world is out there tellin’ you just what to do
Much of what it has to say will not be true for you.

Verse 5
And as you reach each goal you will improve your self-esteem
Goal leads onto goal until you have fulfilled your dreams
One who has fulfilled his dreams has reached true happiness
He can show the rest this simple secret to success.


Verse 6
So, listen to your soul ‘cause it’s the one who’ll set you free
Like a compass it will take you just where you want to be
And if all of you out there find out just what you want to do
This ol’ boy up here will know he’s done his best for you.

Repeat Verse 1

©1993 Frank Meyer