From the recording Home Town

Verse 1
It’s a Friday night and I’m headin’ downtown
Gonna find my friends and just hang around
Have a little dinner and drink a few brew
Sit on a barstool and find out the news

It’s a Friday night and you know I’m feeling good
And I’d like to feel this way all week if I could
I’ve come to learn that it’s a part of the plan
Sometimes you’ve just got to do what you can

Verse 2
Well, there’s a little place where I like to go
No one there ever puts on a show
Some folks get happy and some they get mean
But most are content to be part of the scene


Verse 3
We’ll shoot a little pool and play that video
And crank up those tunes and let those beers flow
Talk about the future and reflect on that past
Enjoy it all now ‘cause it’s not, not gonna last


Verse 4
A quarter-to-two and I guess that is all
I heard the last call for alcohol
One more week and you know what then
We’ll be back here to do it once again


©1993 Frank Meyer