From the recording Home Town


Verse 1
Well, I hear the shell fish are dyin'
Down on the ocean floor
And I hear there is garbage
Washin' up that Jersey shore
And I hear the oil slicks are awful big
Down off of Galveston
And I hear the place that's worst of all
Is that harbor in B-Town

Yet, all they say is, "Progress!
"We're gettin' better every day."
Well, there sure seems to be a difference
In what I hear and what they say.
In what I hear and what they say.

Verse 2
Well, I hear they got these CFC's
Ruinin' the atmosphere
And I hear that our ozone
Well, it just might disappear
And I hear they got these tannin' booths
That brown your skin real fast
And I hear that the tan you get
Well, it just could be your last


Verse 3
Well, I hear that the food we eat
Is sprayed with pesticides
And I hear it is harmless
'Cause only the birds die
And I hear they got these dumpin' grounds
That produce glowin' snakes
And I hear that this acid rain
Is killin' all our lakes


Verse 4
Well, I hear that there's radon
Down beneath my feet
And I hear soon a greenhouse
Will be on every street
And I hear they got the power plants
Under control
And I hear land is awfully cheap
Outside Chernobyl


©1993 Frank Meyer