From the recording Caught in the Middle


Verse 1
Each night we go out faithfully
To play our good time songs
We hope to see our friends come out
To laugh and sing along
And just before the show starts
There's tension in the air
To calm us down, we play this tune
It works just like a prayer

The music life's not easy
'Cause those lows are hard to bear
But the highs, they keep us goin'
And our own musician's prayer

Verse 2
Some nights the bar just echoes
With folks rockin' to our sound
And some nights, well, outside of us
There's no one to be found
And when the bar is empty
And the owner cries the blues
We'll often choose to play this tune
It helps to get us through


Verse 3
And when the party's over
And our good friends have all gone
Before we pack up these guitars
We always do this song
And in that quiet barroom
When no one else is there
This soft and simple gentle tune
Clears the smoked-filled air


One verse of "Amazing Grace" (instrumental)

©1998 Frank Meyer