From the recording Still Giving It Our Best


Verse 1:
There’s an antique rocking chair in need of some repair
Nestled right next to our fireplace
I am drawn to it cause I just like to sit
And travel back and forth through time and space.

Verse 2:
When I go back in time,I quite often find
I wind up reviewing my mistakes
Things I should have done, Times I shouldn’t have run,
And all the chances that I failed to take
Then I see what’s changed, things I’ve rearranged
To refine the person that I am
I’ve learned what to leave out, minimized my doubts
And I try to do the best I can.

When I let go, let it flow
My mind lets me see new things So that I can grow
When I let time take me, it always turns out to be
Just about the best of therapies.

Instrumental Break

Verse 3:
Sometimes I look ahead, and see things I dread
Like the growing numbers driven by pure greed
I’d like to find a way, something I could say
To get them all to seek just what they need
And if they changed their minds, they might find the time
To directtheir precious energy
To learn what they can give, and show others how to live
And make this world a better place to be.

Instrumental Break

Verse 4:
Now I ‘m sitting here, just in neutral gear
Focused on what’s happening right now
‘Cause all that’s ever been and what lies ‘round the bend
Do not really matter any how
For time is just a guide, it helps us to decide
Who we are and what we want to be
It can’t be bought and sold, it’s worth much more than gold
It’s the purest of commodities.


Repeat Verse 1

©2017 Frank Meyer