1. Livin' Small

From the recording Still Giving It Our Best


Verse 1:
I don’t have a real big house with a hot tub or a pool
No TV hanging on my wall, no breakfast bar with stools
What I have is a little place with a front porch made for me
To sit and count the apples as they fall down from the trees
And I don’t have a pure bred dog that I have to train
So he can win some ribbons and gain a little fame
What I have is a big old mut; I got him from the pound
The neighbors love to pet him; he’s just nice to have around

You see I like to keep things simple, and I like to keep things clear
When there is confusion, away from it I stere
One thing I have truly found; What works best of all
The best way to keep it simple is by simply living small

Instrumental Break

Verse 2:
I don’t have the kind of friends who always pressure me
To be the kind of person that I wasn’t meant to be
What I have are a few good pals who take me as I am
We go through life together, and we do the best we can
And I don’t look much toward the future; I don’t dwell upon the past
I don’t spend time wondering just how long I’m going to last
I spend all my moments in the here and now
I simply learned to do this from old Willie and the Tao


Instrumental Break

Verse 3:
So if you’re out there wonderin’ if livin’ small’s for you
I don’t have the answer, but here’s what you can do
When you’re tryin’ to figure out which way you should go
Listen to your heart, ‘cause it’s the only way you’ll know

Chorus x 2

©2012 Frank Meyer