1. Mr. Truth

From the recording Mr. Truth


Mr. Truth
By Frank Meyer

Verse 1:
Waiting room, hospital, just after Noon, I listen as the doctor begins
Wondering just what news he’ll bring, knowing my chances are slim
New retinas, transplant, some kind of chip, will these be words he will say
Or will I simply hear, “There’s nothing we can do today.”

Mr. Truth is someone we all love
Until he finally arrives
He’s nasty; he’s mean; he destroys dreams
Then he leaves us to try to survive

Verse 2:
Frat house, college, late afternoon, I’m lying in bed here with you
Wondering if the love we just made is something you wanted to do
Marriage, children, a simple life, will you want to join me
Or is the tone in your voice hinting you want to stay free


Verse 3:
Main office, high school, just before ten, I wait for my interview
Wondering if the answers I give will cause them to change their view
Testing, correcting, classroom techniques, will mine seem too far advanced
Or will they kindly say, “It’s too risky to take a chance.”


Instrumental Break

Verse 4:
Main Street, small town, just before dark, I stand here unpacking this car
Wondering just how well I’ll do with my songs and this old guitar
Stories, rhyme schemes, figures of speech, will my meanings be clear
Or will a fading crowd confirm my doubts and my fear

Chorus x 2
Yes, he leaves us to try to survive

©2023 Frank Meyer