1. Blue Highways

From the recording The Road Less Traveled


I’m riding them blue highways once again
Wonderin’ just what lies around the bend
‘Cause at each and every turn, there’s a chance that I might learn
Something new from someone I’ll call friend

Verse 1
I was sitting in a truck stop in Deluth
Sippin’ some hot coffee in a booth
Suddenly a smile, shot right across the aisle
She said, “My name is Kim. This here is Ruth.”
We sat and talked of how we had survived
The times we won and lost and compromised
When the talk was done, I knew the time had come
For all of us to move on with our lives


Verse 2
I was walkin’ on a wharf in Monterey
On a chilly rainy day in early May
Well, I hadn’t gone too far, when I saw a little bar
Stopped in there to pass some time away
Well, the barkeep was a simple, honest guy
The kind that looks you right straight in the eye
When I asked how bar life went, well he paused for a moment
He said, “It’s awful tough, but we get by.”

Instrumental Break

Verse 3
Well, I was standing on a beach just off Cape Cod
Bouncin’ some of my thoughts off of God
When I asked if he agreed with what became of me
No answer came, not even just a nod
But the salt air whispered, “Son, you’re on your own
And life is just wherever you do roam
Your simple little goal is just to share your soul
With all those folks that you find are alone.”


©2007 Frank Meyer