1. Home Town

From the recording Home Town


Verse 1
Well, I pick this ol’ guitar
In these local country bars
Dreamin’ some day I might be a star.
Now the time has slipped away
And one thing I can say
I’m sure glad I didn’t go real far.

Hey, from you few friends that I talk to who just help me make my way
You friends that I laugh with who just get me through my day
You friends that I cry with when I’m feelin’ down
It’s you friends who give me this place I call “home town”.

Verse 2
It’s here I learned to share
And it’s here I learned to care
It is here that I took some risky dares.
And it’s here I set my goals
By listening to my soul
And sharing what I have with you out there


Verse 3
It is here that I deem
That impossible dream
That all of us will be on one big team.
Where each will release
His special little piece
To help create that picture-perfect scene.


Verse 4
It is here that I flow
And I let my feelings show
And I share those simple things I’ve come to know.
Like deal with what you got
Hey, give it your best shot
And you’ll make those folks around you glow.


Repeat Verse 1

©1993 Frank Meyer