From the recording The Road Less Traveled


Verse 1
Bill has run a restaurant
For nearly all his life
His kids are grown, they’ve flown the coop
It’s just him and his wife
He’s served both kings and paupers
He as seen it all
The key to happiness for him
Is simply living small.

He said,
“I used to sit and drink all day
And then I’d drink all night
I used to party hearty with all my friends
‘Til the early morning light
I always went for the touchdown,
The fortune, and the fame
Now when I am on the field
I just try to move the chains.”

Verse 2
Stu is a screen writer
Who scored a few hits on TV
He writes twenty pages every day
For him that is the key
He has to go to L.A.
But he really likes it here
Sharin’ stories with his friends
And sippin’ a few beers

Instrumental Break

Verse 3
Geno is an ex-con
Who’s done time for murder 2
He killed the man who stole his wife
And then he paid his dues
Now he has a day job
Hunts and fishes with his friends
He used to be a mighty oak
But he’s a willow now who bends


Verse 4
Gretchen owns a bakery
In the middle of the town
Her cookies, pies, and wedding cakes
Are the best that can be found
She was a rich young housewife
But it really cramped her style
She belongs behind a counter
Making all her patrons smile

Instrumental Break

Verse 5
Now me, I play this old guitar
In a little two piece band
My lady plays the bass
And most nights that we play are grand
We’ve never won a Grammy
We just play the best we can
The music is a way
Of having good times with our friends


©2007 Frank Meyer