From the recording Caught in the Middle


Verse 1
It's August and the summer's nearly over
Here we are on Highway 81
The Blue Ridge, the Smokies, and you right by my side
It's time to take a break and have some fun
As we roll along and sip our cups of coffee
The sun is rising in the eastern sky
The leaves upon the trees blow so gently from the breeze
The truckers nod and wave as they go by

And here we are without a past or future
Suspended once again in space and time
Enjoying each and every precious moment
Leavin' all our troubles far behind

Verse 2
Way back up in those woods outside of Asheville
Off the beaten path, out of the way
All alone sits a little home from where no one would want to roam
A place where time just seems to fade away
It's here we sit and play our good time music
Bluegrass, country, folk, and rock-n-roll
And as we sing, the hills soon ring, and suddenly everything
Harmonizes to become one soul


Verse 3
And sometimes on those Carolina mornings
The fog is like a lazy hazy dream
So we reflect, select, reject, and finally connect
With that sun that carves a bright and vivid scene
And often on those Carolina evenings
The thunder rolls and rumbles through the hills
We watch each flash, feel each crash, listen to that water splash
'Til the moon returns serene and still.

Instrumental Break

Repeat first half of Verse 1

Chorus Twice

©1998 Frank Meyer