From the recording The Road Less Traveled


Verse 1
Ridin’ down the back roads once again
Side by side just the best of friends
With the radio playin’ way down low
Watch the full moon brightly glow
And talk about what lies around the bend

Nothin’ like an all night ride for dreamin’
Talkin’ ‘bout the ways we’d like to grow
Lookin’ back on what we’ve done, what we’re doin’ now
Wonderin’ just where all of it will go

Verse 2
At times this day job seems so hard
The place feels just like a prison yard
Though the boss is good, we do what we should
We know it’s not the best we could
‘Cause our hearts and souls are always on their guard

We dream of when this job’ll end
No more boring hours will we spend
We’ll have paid our dues, no more cryin’ the blues
All we’ll do is pick and choose
What we want to do, how much, and when


Verse 3
For fifteen years now we’ve had a ball
Playin’ all the pubs and the concert halls
Writin’ tunes beneath the moon,
hopin’ maybe someday soon
Someone’ll hear and finally call

“We heard your tape and we like your songs
Your melodies and harmonies are strong
Your words are real and we do feel
You deserve a record deal
The music industry’s where you belong”


Verse 4
We have had our ups and downs
But we ride the circle as it spins around
Through the highs and lows we keep a steady flow
Tryin’ to help each other grow
A secret key to love that we’ve both found

And though love’s struggles will not change
And at times things will get so strange
We’ll do our best to face each test
Let God and nature do the rest
To let us know what we must rearrange

Repeat Verse 1

©2007 Frank Meyer