From the recording Still Giving It Our Best


Verse 1:
We sat out on the back deck in the quiet of twilight
Watching as the sun slowly set and the day slipped into night
The summer air was so oppressive, but not as heavy as our hearts
The sad sound of a mourning dove hinted soon we'd be apart

They say nothing last forever, and I wish that this was so
But sometimes it's never over, 'cause we just cannot let go

Verse 2:
We looked off into the distance, neither uttering a word
Truth had come to visit us, and he wanted to be heard
"Is there something I can do?" she sat still and did not speak
Then I saw her body start to shake, and the tears rolled down her cheeks
"I can't take the way they look at you with such pity in their eyes
I am not strong enough for this; so, I have to say goodbye."

Instrumental Break

Verse 3:
As I sit here in this tavern, staring down into my beer
I am thinking of her final words; it's been over forty years
Though I do not want to think of them, they just still invade my mind
Just like a life-long affliction, they will stay with me through time


©2022 Frank Meyer