From the recording Still Giving It Our Best


Verse 1:
I am just a working man who likes a real good time
I spend all week long on the assembly line
When my work week’s over, I call my good friend Rick
We head down to The Timbercreek to enjoy some Friday Clicks

And well, sometimes it’s a Coors Light, sometimes it’s a Blue
Sometimes a Bud Light harmonizes with those two
Some snap off slowly, others pop off quick
I don’t care about the speed; I love that Friday Click

Verse 2:
Rick and me, we love The Creek, it’s a lot of fun
Especially when we can sit at “Table #1”
The women at the table sound just like The Dixie Chicks
We love to sing along with them and enjoy some Friday clicks


Instrumental Break

Verse 3:
Jill, she works behind the bar and serves us up our beer
Her stories make me laugh so hard; my eyes fill up with tears
When she brings our pizza, the cheese on it’s so thick
We just love to wash it down with a few more Friday clicks


Verse 4:
When the night gets rollin’, Tom starts playing air-guitar
Bill has high hopes for him, he’s our local star
When the band cuts him a lead, we love to hear his licks
Really gets us psyched for just a few more Friday clicks

Chorus x 2

©2020 Frank Meyer