1. Ferris Wheel

From the recording Still Giving It Our Best


Verse 1:
Bobby and Carol grew up living on the same street
Whenever they were together, life couldn’t be more complete
They fell in love for the first time in the summer after sixth grade
Everyone thought their romance was one that heaven had made
Their story simply started with neither having a plan
They were just on a Ferris Wheel looking out over the land
As they took in the scenery, the Ferris Wheel came to a stop
They glanced at the sky and the ocean from sitting way up at the top
While they sat there just glazing, they caught each other’s eyes
Bobby quickly kissed Carol, taking her by surprise
Carol, she got all flustered, not knowing what to do then
But it didn’t take her too long to tell Bobby to do it again

And that kiss went on forever, transcending space and time
Its beauty and its magic so simple and sublime
The two felt as we all feel, and they did what we all do
They returned to that sweet moment when they needed to get through

Verse 2:
Bobby and Carol’s romance sadly came to an end
Bobby had to move away; they swore they would stay friends
For some time they wrote letters to keep what they had alive
But pen and paper were not enough for their love to survive
Carol went on to high school, her courses all advanced
She was the perfect student, Cheerleader, queen of the dance
Bobby, on the other hand, he took another path
Cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol were more exciting than math
Despite their different directions, each of them carved out a life
Carol became a professor; Bobby had three kids with his wife
For the most part, their lives went well, no drama or major ordeals
But at times when things got rough, they returned to that Ferris Wheel


Instrumental Break

Verse 3:
Forty years flew by ‘til Bobby saw Carol again
They returned to the home town for a funeral of an old friend
At the church and the grave site, neither saw the other there
The ceremony ended, final condolences shared
Before Bobby headed back home, he went to the old neighborhood
To the park where he played baseball, and rode his bike through the woods
As he sat on that park bench, these words came to his mind
“If you swear, I won’t walk with you.” something Carol said all the time
Bobby’s thoughts were not imagined; they came from a voice that was real
From the girl standing behind him, the one from the Ferris Wheel
Not a word was spoken, when they caught each other’s eyes
But this time it was Carol who came through with the stunning surprise

Chorus x 2

©2016 Frank Meyer