From the recording Still Giving It Our Best


Verse 1:
On the south side of Chicago
In a simple neighborhood
Mish grew up doin’
Everything she thought she should
Graduated Princeton
Then on to Harvard Law
Then she changed direction
She did not like what she saw

Workin’ twice as hard to go half as far
That’s how it’s always been
One step forward, two steps back
That’ll never end
Though it’s hard to bounce back
After each and every fall
If you don’t work twice as hard
You won’t have a chance at all

Verse 2:
Her neighborhood was crumblin’
It was fading fast
If Mish didn’t act quickly
She knew it wouldn’t last
All the folks around her
Were struggling hard to cope
So, she set out on a journey
To plant a seed of hope


Verse 3:
Mish ran into roadblocks
Nearly everywhere she went
More so when her husband
Became the President
When they went low, she stayed high
A code she lived by
Though they hurt her deeply
They never saw her cry

Instrumental Break

Verse 4:
Mish became a winner
You can be one too
If you choose the road she chose
Here’s what facing you
With all your endless efforts
There’ll be some modest gains
And you’ll need to work twice as hard
To just stay in the game

Chorus – Repeat last line

©2021 Frank Meyer