From the recording Still Giving It Our Best


Verse 1:
I have coffee with my dad, sometimes it’s good and sometimes bad
He tells me about all his aches and pains
The news never seems too good, people don’t do what they should
And he wishes that our leaders had some brains
And when the coffee’s done, well it’s time for him to run
He has to get out there to greet the day
After finishing his chores, it’s to the bank and grocery store
Then a visit with some friends at the VA

Just keep moving, don’t stand still
It doesn’t matter if you’re headed up or down the hill
There’s always something you can do
To help a friend in need get through
A little thought I’d like to share with you

Instrumental Break

Verse 2:
We dine with my mother-in-law, and break into a big gaffaw
Whenever she gets going on a rant
She hates Republicans, and all guns should be banned
Women should not go to church in pants
And then she settles in, and with a Cheshire grin
She tells us how she’s going to right some wrongs
She’s headed to DC, to change the country
So everyone can feel that they belong


Instrumental Break

Verse 3:
As I’m growing older, the world keeps getting colder
The lows and highs seem just about the same
,The lows have no deep drops, the highs never reach the top
And I wonder if I should be in the game
But I get out of bed, and I move on ahead
‘Cause there is still a flickerin’ in me
To do what I can do, write a song to play for you
‘Cause right here is still where I need to be

Chorus x 2

©2020 Frank Meyer