From the recording The Road Less Traveled


Verse 1
I remember, it was in the spring
For all my friends those wedding bells did ring
But for me, nothing came along
Except this guitar and a chance to write some songs
So, I sat down, let my words flow
And just like little children, watched them grow
And as I guided them with my heart and hands
They began to spread their joy throughout the land

There are many roads to travel
Many things to be
It seems the road less traveled
Has worked the best for me

Verse 2
And I remember, it was summer time
She came along, I knew she was a sign
For when I told her of my chosen road
She said she'd like to help me bear the load
So, together we wrote more tunes
And some nights we’d just play them for the moon
Then it came time to set them free
To find their place in this society

Instrumental Break

Verse 3
I reflect now as I feel the fall
It won't be long 'til old man winter calls
And I know that when we're dead and gone
These songs we've left behind will still live on
For it's quite clear nothing gold can stay
And like time, everything slips away
But the word, it does survive
It's the only way old ideas are revived.


©2007 Frank Meyer