From the recording Caught in the Middle


Verse 1
I like to play for the rednecks ‘cause they clap and sing along,
And if you don’t play what they want, they’ll tell you that you’re wrong,
And when you miss a note or two, they don’t really care,
As long as they can stomp their feet, they’re glad to have you there.
They like their country music, a bluegrass tune or two,
Some rock, some blues, a few dirty songs will always get you through,
And when your gig is over, and it’s time for you to go,
They’ll nod their heads to let you know how much they loved your show.

I’m a man caught in the middle ‘cause I like the left and right,
It doesn’t matter much to me if your collar’s blue or white,
I use to have a struggle over just where I should be,
But now I know up on the fence is the only place for me.

Instrumental Break

Verse 2
I like to play for the folkies in those smoke-free concert halls,
They listen to the lyrics, and they do not talk at all,
They like to see what you can do on your old flattop guitar,
They analyze every word just to find out who you are.
They like to hear old Woody, and those Dylan melodies,
And when you try a sing-along, you get perfect harmonies,
And when the night is over, and it’s time to say goodbye,
They’ll tell you all the songs they liked, and they’ll give you reasons why.

Instrumental Break

Verse 3
The rednecks and the folkies, hey, they’re not so far apart,
For when I play my music, it heads right straight for their hearts,
The music drains the blues away, and brings them pure delight,
And both forget the struggles that they often have to fight.
The rednecks and the folkies often mock each other’s fun,
It’s clear to me, but they wouldn’t agree, they both are really one,
They’re just people out there strugglin’, tryin’ to reach their goals,
And along the way the music helps to soothe and heal their souls.

Chorus (Two Times)

©1998 Frank Meyer