From the recording The Road Less Traveled


Verse 1
Cool Hand Luke broke the law, went to the chain gang
While he was there, he paid little mind to the boss’s harangue
When on the road, he’d nearly explode, when the break bell rang
And when the boss called, “Where are you all?” here are the words Luke sang:

I’m shakin’ the bush, Boss, I’m shakin’ the bush, no need to get uptight
I’m shakin’ bush, Boss, I’m shakin’ the bush, shakin’ it with delight
I’m shakin’ the bush, Boss, shakin’ the bush, trying to gain some insight
I’m shakin’ the bush, Boss, I’m shakin’ the bush, I’m gonna shake it ‘til I feel all right


Verse 2
Officer Tuite, a Rochester boy, joined the RPD
Worked real hard for many years, he was the best cop that he could be
When things got rough, Jimmy got tough, preserving public safety
When he retired, he left us inspired with this sweet legacy:


Verse 3
Luke and Tuite, two fine men, on different sides of the law
Luke the con, Tuite the cop, one thing they both saw
Some they do time, some walk the line, but no matter what cards you draw
Make no mistake, when it’s time to shake, no one draws a short straw


©2007 Frank Meyer