From the recording Caught in the Middle


Verse 1
The cafeteria's on fire
Another fight is goin' down
But the smell of blood and the sight of tears
Will not be known throughout the town
And Mr. Jones, he fondles Susie
Behind a curtain on the stage
While another disillusioned parent
Leaves the office in a rage

Put another trophy on the shelf
Pin another banner on the wall
They help to cover up the awful truths
That echo up and down these halls

Verse 2
Tommy's headed for the Big Ten
He's faster than the speed of light
Everybody hopes he makes the pros
'Cause Tommy, he can't read or write
Danny beats up his girlfriend
He quarterbacks the football team
To him, there's very little difference
When his girl or the crowd yells and screams

Instrumental Break

Verse 3
Everyone wants tougher standards
And they want all those test results to soar
No one cares just how the game is played
As long as there's a winning score
So many walk around discouraged
Nothing's done when students cheat
Teachers often look the other way
So that the children can compete


Verse 4
Mrs. Hall's a sincere phony
A candidate for Teacher of the Year
No one seems to care she starts each day
With a shot of whiskey and two quarts of beer
Mr. Allen is a principal
Who likes to touch his secretary Kim
Everybody hates this hypocrite
Who tells students P.D.A. is such a sin


©1998 Frank Meyer