1. Simplify

From the recording The Road Less Traveled


Verse 1
Susie went to college to become an engineer
Mom and dad were so pleased with this respectable career
Four long years she worked so hard, got the 4.0
Then offers came from everywhere, enticing her to go
The software sages sent for her to come to the west coast
But the tycoons down on Wall Street offered her the most
She seemed to be upon the road to fulfill all her dreams
But late at night when she tried to sleep, her soul let out this scream

“Simplify! Oh, simplify!” is what Henry David said
Listen to what’s in your heart and not what’s in your head
Be the individual who turns to face the storm
Do not let your mind convince your soul it must conform.

Verse 2
Susie reached the top at the mere age of thirty-five
Having much more money than she needed to survive
Bought herself a big white house, a little red sports car
And after work she'd go and sip martinis in the bars
Shopping with all her friends at the finest clothing stores
All the perfect gentlemen knocking at her door
When anybody spoke to her, her smiling face would beam
But late at night when she tried to sleep, her soul let out this scream

Instrumental Break

Verse 3
Then one day it happened, and without uttering a sound
Susie made a move that turned her whole life upside down
Sold the house, sold the car, gave the clothes away
And when they asked her why, well, there was nothing she could say
She moved out to the country to a quiet little place
With trees and streams and mountains and lots and lots of space
Now late at night when she went to sleep and drifted into dreams
No longer was she haunted by this penetrating scream


©2007 Frank Meyer