From the recording Still Giving It Our Best


Verse 1:
Another weekend’s rolled around, and I am standing here
Grateful to be getting in my car
The lawn is cut, the grass is raked, and the trees are trimmed
It’s time to hit a local country bar
Tonight I’m headed south of town to a hoppin’ little place
A joint just off of Highway 21
Delicious food, tasty drinks, friendly patrons, too
With a little music to add to the fun

And it’s springtime in Naples; that is where I’m bound
Everyone has spread the news around
Brew and Brats’ll rock tonight with an awesome sound
Perry and The Winkles are headed into town

Verse 2:
One Winkle plays guitar and harp and sings all the songs
The other runs the sound and plays the bass
When these two come together, they never let me down
They always bring a smile to my face
Sometimes Perry joins them with his fiddle and mandolins
And he adds a great high harmony
This trio creates magic; time just disappears
I love it when time can cease to be


Instrumental Break

Verse 3:
This group can play some bluegrass, some folk and country too
And at times, a little rock ‘n roll
No matter what the genre, one thing that comes through
They know how to deeply touch my soul
Their show is filled with humor, always natural, nothing staged
I love to hear just what they have to say
They simply play their music to have a real good time
What better reason can there be to play.

Chorus x 2

©2022 Frank Meyer