From the recording Still Giving It Our Best


Verse 1:
We met many years ago and life was simple then
The protest of the sixties had all come to an end
Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger had faded from our view
John Prine and Jimmy Buffett carved a life for me and you
We bought ourselves a little house with a few trees in the yard
There were cookouts on the back deck, evenings playing cards
Sitting around a campfire, singing old folk songs
We thought life couldn’t get better; then our children came along
We started out with twin boys, and oh they were a pair
They were followed by a sister with long blonde curly hair
Thought we’d try for one more girl to even up the score
But when the stork arrived, a little boy was at our door

You know I like to sit here with you on these cold and wintery nights
Talk about the old times as the fire burns so bright
I like to sit and stare at you in your long underwear
And talk about when you were cute, and I had all my hair

Verse 2:
The kids grew up so quickly; the years just disappeared
Through the good times and bad times, we smiled through our tears
We did the best we could to show them what was right and wrong
And when you can, we stressed to them; it’s best to get along
We listened to their music, watched them play their sports
We spent evenings and weekends on many fields and courts
Through all the wins and losses, we savored every game
We were destined to be in the Parents Hall of Fame
We went camping and skiing in places near and far
As we rolled along the highway, we sang songs in the car
And when the day was over at the setting of the sun
We’d sit around a table and relive all our fun


Instrumental Break

Verse 3:
Now it’s just the two of us in this empty nest
The kids are out there working trying to do their best
They stop by with the grandkids every now and then
To talk about the old times and what lies ‘round the bend
We’ve been through some changes; we’ve put on a few pounds
We’ve learned to roll much better with all the ups and downs
Your hair has turned from auburn to a silvery gray
I think mine might have too if it hadn’t gone away
And even with these changes, some things still remain
When I look deep into your eyes, it still drives me insane
And one thing that has always been and always will be true
The best day of my life is still the day that I found you

Chorus X 2

©2012 Frank Meyer