From the recording Caught in the Middle


Verse 1
In the foothills of the Catskill's
On that Hudson River shore
There's a little country village
I don't see much any more
At times when I go back there
To see friends and family
I remember all those good things
That small town gave to me

You know, the apple, it doesn't fall far from the tree
And all of us are chips off the old block
The good things are the small ones that we often do not see
And the good house is built upon a rock

Verse 2
I was guided by my family
Received kindness from my friends
And all my patient teachers
They stayed with me to the end
The love that came from everyone
Was worth much more than gold
I take it with me where I go
And I give it back two-fold


Verse 3
Everyone encouraged me
When there was a chance to take
And everyone forgave me
When I made my mistakes
The understanding I was shown
As I fought to find my way
Is given back to those I meet
As I greet this world each day


Verse 4
It's here I learned to persevere
When reaching for my goals
With each goal came a confidence
From deep down in my soul
This confidence brought a wisdom
So simple and so clear
"Embrace each precious moment
'Cause it quickly disappears"

Repeat Verse 1

©1998 Frank Meyer