From the recording Home Town


Verse 1
I like the country; she likes the city life
I wish she told me this before she became my wife
She likes to wander those canyons made of steel
I like to analyze the way those breezes feel

And I'm not feelin' so good
And I don't get the peace I should
And my heart keeps on tellin' me,
"Set yourself free"


Verse 2
She likes the big house, pool out in the yard
I'm not the kind of guy who likes to work that hard
She likes to socialize just about every night
I like to sit at home by that firelight


Verse 3
She likes those fancy drinks; I like those homemade wines
She worries 'bout most things when I think things are fine
I guess it's time for me to move on down the line
Yes, it's time to let my heart rule my mind

Chorus Twice

©1993 Frank Meyer